Currently for Sale
2015 Peterbilt 379 Glider Kit
This truck is BRAND NEW and under FACTORY WARRANTY!  

It includes:

New 40ft Standard Derrick
500hp Caterpillar with 6nz Single Turbo
Completely Rebuilt Messa Swab Drum
    Holds 17500ft of 9/16 swab line
Brand New 500hp Dyna Divider Box
Rebuilt 500hp Right Angle Box


Call for pricing and more information 601-441-7256
Custom Built Rigs
New Swab Rigs for sale:

New Cooper Drawworks 42' x 8' swab drum, 16500' 9/16" swab line with groove

New Cooper brake systems

New hydraulic raised derrick

New hydraulic raised leveling jacks (lines, valves, banks, etc.

New Lebus compensator and sheaves

New body which is built in house

Mounted on the truck of your choice

Price varies with Make/Model of truck

6 - 8 weeks delivery

Please call or e-mail us for a price quote